About us
If you want to speak any foreign language, all you have to do is practice speaking. What you need to know is grammar and words, and the more words you know, the more you will understand what you hear and read. This service 8 words a day is invented for you to start improving your foreign language vocabulary every day.

To start speaking a foreign language,for example, English 2000 words is enough to start. With the help of our service you will be able to learn 2360 words per a year with almost a zero effort. Sign up for 8 words a day now and from Monday to Friday you will receive emails with pictures, words, phrases and pronunciation. All your words, pictures and audios will be kept in the Calendar on our website there you can also find tests to check your knowledge.

We believe we give more than words; we want people to understand each other. Sign up now and let’s get it started!
5 days per week
You get a letter with the most important words on different topics
15 min a day
Your lunch is tastier and effective with us
In a car, on a train or a plane, even in the woods
Learn faster
With the help of images, words and pronunciation
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